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Campos de Lavanda I y II


Quiet residential area of semi-detached houses with two floors and an attic, featuring a modern white brick façade and a grey roof. There is a large garden at the back of the house where you can soak up the warm summer evenings.

These spacious homes feature kitchens with large capacity furniture and an oven/microwave column. In keeping with the light-coloured minimalist exterior, we opted for a gloss white laminate design with handles for the kitchen. We also included a sandy brown laminate worktop to add contrast and bring warmth to the space.

Technical data

Name of the development / Campos de Lavanda I y II
Date / December 2018
Location / Rivas Vaciamadrid, Madrid (España)
Construction company name / JARAMA SOLARCO
Segment / High
Total number of homes / 56+53

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