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Quality and Environment


Calidad y Medio Ambiente

The kitchen is the most important space in a home, therefore we create functional kitchens that adapt to every project, committed to quality, accessibility and innovation.
Our kitchens are spaces full of life, multifunctional spaces to share family life, in special environments to create, enjoy, feel and experience every moment.

Antalia is a brand with character, with very well defined commitments that search for specific solutions for each customer, in comfort, ease of cleaning, storage capacity and, above all, durability of the materials.

The relationship between Antalia and our customers is always lasting and therefore, throughout the whole manufacturing process right up to the last details we pay attention to aspects related to quality and the environment. This is why we have the following certifications:


We commit ourselves to directing our activities to minimise their negative environmental impact and encourage the positive, assigning the human and material resources necessary for meeting our goals. As members of this council that promotes sustainable forest management we guarantee that the raw material comes from sustainably managed forests.


We are members of the most prestigious European quality certification institute of the furniture industry.


Our laminated worktops have obtained the top prize in quality, which certifies that they well and truly exceed the highest European quality standards.

ISO 9001

We carry out our activity based on a quality management system that integrates the management of all areas and the improvement of processes. Our objective is to provide the best products and services and to do this we perform tests and controls during the whole production process.

Our products are subject to rigorous quality controls, successfully exceeding the quality levels required in all the processes. For this reason, we offer a warranty 6 years for our kitchens.

ISO 14001

It has become an international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system. The certification confirms our strong commitment to sustainable management and development.

Our commitment to protect the environment includes all the different phases of creation, production and the distribution of our products.