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The space



In current architecture, space is a scarce commodity. This generates new needs to which the kitchen units must adapt. This is why the kitchen units must meet the requirements derived from the new lifestyles, putting the traditional criteria of ergonomics and function to the test.

Modulation, distribution

At Antalia we are committed to a new way of understanding kitchens and their modulation. Thus, the spaces, uses and specific needs of each user are combined intelligently to create unique kitchens.

Modulación - distribución

Doors, drawers, interior drawers, upward opening doors

Current kitchens must be fundamentally accessible, everything must be on view
to avoid dead spaces where often useless items are stored.

For the base units, Antalia proposes a multitude of drawer systems with full extraction
for a complete view of all the spaces, doing away with traditional less ergonomic concepts.

For the wall-mounted units, there are different opening systems: regular hinged, oblique, parallel and folding to reveal all of the spaces and facilitate their accessibility in a natural manner.

Puertas, cajones, interiores, elevables

Organising the space


Every kitchen item, whether saucepans, accessories or foods, occupies its own space
according to its function within the everyday logic.

When our designers plan a kitchen, they prioritise the function of the movements between
the different work areas of a kitchen, to facilitate and minimise the movements that each person makes as part of their usual activity within the kitchen.

Our aim is to create the kitchen that you have always wanted.


Rationalising movements

Good space organisation is the key to making your kitchen functional and ergonomic. The typical activity in a kitchen is based on repetitive movements that we make every day.

From the study of these habits comes the development of the different interior and exterior space organisation systems for Antalia kitchens.lia.

Racionalizar movimientos