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Design and functionality united in our kitchens

Energetic brand with an innovative spirit

antalia was founded in 2013 with the backing of Top Form Group, a solid company with over 50 years of experience in the furniture component sector. Since then, it has been the main assembled furniture division within the group.

Dynamic , innovative and with guaranteed quality, “antalia” seeks to provide functional and design solutions to the needs of its customers, thus showing that both can coexist at the same space.

This is its reason to be, an energetic brand with an innovative spirit, whose added value is the bond created from the beginning of the project, an exquisite selection of materials and the importance of creating unique kitchens with personality.

It is established in a market point where its public is made up of professionals in the sector such as kitchen studios, furniture shops, architects and interior designers and constructor companies. In this way, the brand’s positioning is in the high and deluxe range.


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Commited to you and the environment

We manufacture with PEFC certified raw materials, which guarantee the sustainable use of forests.

A guaranteed 10-year romance

Our furniture has a certified warranty according to the highest european standards.

Design and functionality in projects

These two concepts are not mutually exclusive; we create aesthetic kitchens with the functionality of everyday life.

A love story that never ends

After sales telephone number 900 810 021, one-on-one attention with all hands on deck if there’s any issue.

Everything you need for your idea

Quotes are free, and include a 3d image and measurement.

More than 50 years of experience

Dedicated to the specialization in kitchen furniture.

Available series

Design and detailing

A new way of understanding the kitchen


The collection allows us to create a homogeneous space, visually cleaner, with straight and refined lines that adapt to any environment to offer maximum purity, playing with shades ranging from the coldest designs such as blacks and greys, to the warmest ones such as natural wood.

See Kensington collection


It’s the perfect harmony between materials, opening systems and accessories that result in an exquisite combination. Broadway is characterized by integrated handles that provide the design and differentiating personality that we are looking for in the kitchen.

See Broadway collection

Signature series

Innovate and avant-grade solutions

An union between design, inovation, quality and sophistication

Nature by Ximo Roca Diseño

Nature is an open space that combines the kitchen with the living room.

The kitchen plays a very important and differentiating role due to its deconstruction of the furniture or free style. The independent elements that, as a whole, compose a groundbreaking and a unique proposal, flexible and suitable for any space.

360º Pensi Design Studio

The 360º collection is the dialogue between three components: volume, air and relief. It is an architectural framework for an infinite number of uses surrounding the world of the kitchen.

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