Quality and environment

Sustainability and quality in a single project

At antalia we are committed to quality, our guarantee and the environment. The only way to fulfil all these commitments is to have the best team and the tech and material resources that make our daily work possible.

The kitchen is the most important space in a home, so we fall in love with each project, creating functional kitchens adapted to your needs and your tastes. We’re committed to our famed quality, thanks to the rigorous and exhaustive controls we submit our products to

the most rigorous European certifications.
These certifications also reflect the environmental sustainability of the materials we work with, ensuring that they come from responsibly harvested sustainable forests that do not put our planet at risk.

10-year warranty for our kitchens

Rigorous quality controls when choosing raw materials and precision and care during the production of our kitchen furniture make us fully confident of the result of our products.

That’s why we’re committed to a 10-year warranty for all the antalia brand kitchen furniture. It’s our way of ensuring that our kitchens’ production and material processes comply with the most demanding European quality controls and this is reflected in the product’s durability.

Eco-Sustainable Plus kitchen certificate

The Eco-Sustainable kitchen furniture certificate reflects the manufacturers’ efforts to develop products with a smaller environmental footprint using the best technologies available. With Level 2 certification, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that at antalia we have the sustainability certificate for kitchen furniture.

FIRA member

Our group belongs to the most prestigious European quality certification institute in the furniture industry. This guarantees the quality of all the products we sell.


We’re on the board, which aims to promote sustainable forest management. We guarantee that the raw materials we use come from sustainably managed forests.

FIRA Gold Award

As confirmation of our commitment, we’ve received the highest quality award for our laminated countertops. This certificate proves that they go far beyond the highest European quality standards.


Antalia kitchens belongs to the AMC, a national professional institution made up of manufacturers and distributors of kitchen furniture, auxiliary furniture, tables, chairs and accessories, which are committed to quality and design. Its main goal is to promote kitchens manufactured in Spain and to grow the Spanish brand.

ISO 9001

Our aim is to provide our customers with the very finest products and services. To do this, we carry out all the tests and controls required along the production chain and this certification is proof we’ve done our homework.

ISO 14001

This standard has become an international standard for environmental management. Obtaining this certification means we are firmly committed to progress in the management and development of our activity in a sustainable way, protecting and caring for the environment in all the stages of the creation, production and distribution of our products.